Kitchen utensils with a twist

Tea for One

I love kitchen utensils and have a large collection of my own.  When I came across Ann Nazareth’s beautiful woven work, life-size replicas of the real thing, I longed to pick them up.

Her fabulous “Tea for One” evokes a bygone era when our mothers or certainly our grandmothers would have prepared afternoon tea and laid it all out on a tray like this one.

After taking a degree in Constructed Textiles at Middlesex University, Ann turned to basket making in  search of new techniques to transform her textile work into something more three dimensional.  Work in her south London studio is labour intensive.  “Tea for One” (2010) took four months to complete.  She told me that the tray alone took three weeks to make!

She weaves her intricate pieces using paper cord – a strong yarn – the same material still used by Lloyd Loom of Spalding to make its iconic furniture.  “Tea for One” is part of a collection of work called “Notions of a Domestic Idyll” inspired by the tedium of domestic routine.

You need a long spoon

Apparently someone once asked Ann  if they could use one of her ladles for cooking  – but being made from paper renders them impractical.  The perfect excuse not to do any more housework.


One of my favourite utensils is my stainless steel whisk.  As I make a lot of desserts I use it practically every day. It’s both robust and flexible at the same time.  Maybe you have a favourite kitchen utensil?

“Tea for One” and a small selection of Ann’s kitchen utensils will be on sale at my AmnesTEA “Flaming June” Fundraising event on Saturday, 25th June from 4pm onwards.

For futher information and commissions please contact Ann Nazareth or call her on 07745 015638.







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